Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update On Telcel 3G Device

I have had the Telcel 3G Aircard for almost three weeks now. It has been working pretty good. I can always connect in the mornings but recently I have been having problems in the afternoons and evenings. I get a window saying it cannot connect and the odd time I do get on, it will drop off unexpectedly, leaving me with an unsent Blog entry or email. Very frustrating!

I am allowed 3 GB of data per month but have used less than one GB in three weeks so now I know I will never need all that capacity.

The MecoLoco RV Park has free WIFI but it is not working right now. The owner says he called the phone company two days ago and they told him it would be fixed "in two hours". As the say, "This is Mexico".

I have calmed down after yesterdays adventures and today we will head downtown in search of a haircut, a prescription refill and some fish tacos. I will report later.

The rain forecast for today has changed to scattered clouds. Tomorrow's forecast is for clear skies and 24 C. It is cooler here and this will continue as we head north. The party is drawing to a close.

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