Friday, July 30, 2010


It was Norma's birthday the other day. We never make a big deal of these things, sometimes have dinner out or something. This time, I mentioned an ad in the paper for a sale on Garmin Nuvi 265WT's. They have the wider screen and are a little easier to read. The maps in the older Nuvi 255 are a little dated and the new one says, "turn left in 200 feet on Elm street", instead of "turn left in 200 feet". This makes navigation a little easier.

Anyway, she said she wanted one for her birthday! Boy, does that ever let me off the hook. It arrived yesterday and today I registered it and was told I qualified for a map update. It has been doing that for the last hour.

One of my old workmates is having a small retirement party in the pub down the street that we are going to. I have been retired for 10 1/2 years so there are not many left there who I worked with. It will be fun seeing everyone. Not so much fun buying $8 mugs of beer.


  1. Happy Birthday Norma!!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Norma. I got the exact same unit for my birthday last November, and love having it. Doesn't solve all my navigation problems, but lots of 'em. Odel felt just the same way when I told him what I wanted: "Yippee, I'm off the hook!" :)

    Safe travels,

  3. Happy Birthday Norma!

    We have an older Garmin Street Pilot (very old actually) and that thing is VERY useful here in Mexico. I can imagine how great a new one must be!

  4. Please tell Norma Happy Birthday from both of us. Yikes, we forgot.