Friday, September 3, 2010

This And That...

I finished the trim on the new floor this week. It is now all done except for my office which will be a real headache! It is a small room, maybe 10 X 12, with two desks and two computers with all the printers and scanners as well as three external hard drives, file cabinet, TV, two book cases and the WIFI system. I don't really have a plan of attack. I am thinking I can move everything to one side and lay the floor up to the furniture. I can then lift one side of the desks, prop them up and continue laying under them. I can then finally move the desks over to the other side to finish the floor. It will take a full day to do this but it has to be done!

We still have to tile the main bathroom and install a new toilet and counter top. We priced granite and it is not much more expensive than the conventional type. Our local granite place will sell ends for $40 per square foot if they do not have to measure or install it. If they do the measuring and installing it is $100 per sq. ft. so it is quite a savings! We only need a little over ten square feet (2X5). Plus a strong back to help me install it.

Then we have to tile the laundry room. That may or may not get done this year. I always like to have a project ready for when I come home in the spring. It stops Norma from dreaming up too many new jobs to do.

My final bit of news is the Canadian stock market has ended "up" six days in a row so I am looking forward to my favorite weekend job of updating my investments in Quicken. I have been "up" three weeks of the last four and the one week I was "down" it was only $500 or so overall. A mere drop in the bucket. This week will be very good and if I live long enough I could die rich. It is all a matter of timing before I make that call to Dr. Kavorkian.

Market Update!
The doctor can wait. I made two months pay last week! Happy days are here again!

Deer Update!

I was sitting in the TV room the other day and one of the baby deer flashed past the window followed closely by it's brother/sister. It was headed for the bush and was in a big hurry. I suspect it got a 500 volt jolt in it's snout from the deer deterrent. They have not been back so he must have had a talk with his mom about finding another flower garden to plunder. We just may have won a round!


  1. After your re-do on the bathroom, I went to Home Depot and got a new cabinet, sink and low-profile cabinet. Went back yesterday and now they have a very nice simulated granite countertop and cabinet. I guess I can do the other bathroom now. The change makes a big difference.

  2. Photos please Chris! I love work, specially when someone else is doing it.