Sunday, December 19, 2010

Work Goes On At Home

Brooks and Linda just bought a house near Victoria, BC. They have a fencing and decking business and need a workshop large enough to manufacture fence panels to be taken to the job site as there is no point in working in the rain when you don’t have to. They are currently working on a large workshop with a one bedroom suite on top of it, a carriage house type of building. There is also a rented suite in the main house so with income from the two rentals it will put a serious dent in the mortgage payments. We are really proud of the two of them. They are hard workers and have a very realistic goal in mind! Here are some shots of the construction which has recently turned into a mud hole. Photos by LindaLee, who is in the last photo back-filling the drain tile with gravel by hand. No need for Boot camp tonight Linda!.
Map picture


  1. I'd be concerned about noise levels if I was renting an apartment above a workshop. Are they going to take special care in insulating for noise and vibrations from all the work downstairs?

  2. Yes, they are soundproofing it and the tenant(s) will be aware of what hours the shop is working. They are secretly hoping their employee will rent it from them.