Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaux Bridge, LA

We are in Breaux Bridge, the heart of Acadiana Country and Crawfish Capital Of The World! The weather when we arrived yesterday was beautiful, around 70 and a clear sky. We went to a local restaurant where I got to sample Crawfish Étouffée. I have only one word for it – delicious!. It is very rich so it is not something I will be having every day but I will definitely enjoy it a few more times.

We had a problem getting to Poche's Fish-N-Camp & RV Park thanks to an error in my POI download into the GPS. The annoying lady in the GPS took us into town and down a road telling us we had 1.5 miles to go. There were no signs but I did not think anything of it as the new GPS has been performing well. We kept going until the road narrowed and it became obvious there was no RV park. I pulled over and flagged down an approaching pickup and asked him and he said no, there was no RV park and no place to turn around. There was a farm beside us that I could turn into so we walked up to ask permission and to check it out. There was no one home but it looked like there was room in front of the barn to make a u-turn. We drove up and I cut the wheel as tight as I could and we were about five feet short of making it. I tried to back up a bit and the rear tires sank into the wet soil! Crap!

I unloaded the car, took the dolly off and tried to get out. I “rocked” the motorhome but it was only going deeper. I found a pile of broken bricks beside the barn and threw a few into the holes I had dug and tried again. This time it worked and I got out and reconnected the dolly and Honda. My pants were muddy, my hands were muddy, the motorhome was muddy and I was pi$$ed off!

We found the address of Poche’s and put that into the GPS and it finally got us there. The actual park was about five miles away from where the GPS originally took us.

Today we drove around and explored the local area. We stopped at the tourist office and found a few more places nearby to see so we will be staying here a few more days. They are a Passport America park during the week so spaces are half price for us then and on the weekend we get 10% off with our Good Sam Club. Regular rates are $32 per night so it is a pretty good deal for us. Stay tuned!
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  1. Oh, we love Breaux Bridge, the area, and especially Poche's. Be sure to visit their other enterprise, the shop and cafe. If you are interested in some of the many things we did during a week long stay, here is a starting point:

  2. Glad you got out of the mess. I covered my ears just reading the post.

  3. You know me so well, mi amigo!