Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So What's Up With the Feet?

Since 2007 twelve human feet, all laced up in running shoes have washed up on BC shores from Vancouver to mid Vancouver Island and another three have washed up on Washington State shores near the border. In only two cases have feet been from the same person! That means there are thirteen people out there missing at least one foot complete with running shoe!

Police are stumped and only one foot has been identified, the owner of which police are being silent about at the request of the person's family. They say foul play is "not necessarily suspected", whatever that means. It is very strange that in these days of CSI's and DNA that the rest of the owners have not been ID'd. If you see someone hopping around on one foot, ask them if they have been to BC. We just might have their missing foot..

I have lost all kinds of things and never reported it to the police, but if I lost a running shoe with my foot still in it I might say something.


  1. A theory is that they belong to victims of a boat or plane crash or even of the big tsunami.

  2. Police are 'stumped', eh? Good one!

  3. Maybe if we were to say the same thing here in Mexico, the image of the country would be different.

    What a great way to cover up the truth.

  4. apparently it is not that uncommon, according to Global news, an average of 15 shoes with
    with human bones in them wash up onthe beaches of New Zealand every year.

  5. Heads showing up here and there in Mexico and feet in Canada - go figure! Mind boggling and stumped at the same time -)

  6. Bizarre! Talk about strange tides, I sure would have expected more body parts.