Saturday, October 29, 2011

Golden Redemption

A week ago I was whining about losing $5,000 on my gold shares. Well, that water passed under the bridge and today I am up $6,500 on the same shares. I made my money back and then some, just the way it should work.

I really hate these roller-coaster gyrations the market is going through lately. I would be so happy if it would just settle down into a slow and gentle upward movement. I am not greedy, just give me a good return on my investment. It is money I worked for and saved, multiplied by a few good investments over the years.

Like I have said before, we do not need this money for day to day living. Our various pensions take care of that. This nest egg is for extraordinary expenses, one of which will take place next summer when I will finally have to replace my 24 year old Honda Accord. I have not bought a new vehicle in years and will not this time either. We have friends whose son is the manager of the local Honda dealer. Two years ago he called to tell me he had a used car in perfect condition that was just too old for them to sell on the lot. It was going out to auction and he was giving me a chance to buy it cheap. He said it was a car he would sell to his mother (and I know he loves his mom). I will call him and tell him to watch out for another for me.

The Honda has been giving us problems starting the odd time. It would be repairable but I just don't want to spend money on it. 24 years is long enough for a Honda. We will leave it home this year and tow Norma's Mazda 626 down to Mexico. It is slightly heavier and slightly wider so it will not be quite as easy to load and tow. The A/C does not work either but we will be in the USA where we can get it repaired much easier than in Canada. Canada has tons of rules when dealing with A/C chemicals that the USA does not have. It will be a much cheaper fix in the States.


  1. yes the market gyrations bite... last week I was up 5k down 6.5 k and finally up 11k... total week was a gain but the gyrations are not fun to watch..

  2. Hey a good labour guy like you should be willing to pay the high Canadian prices to support your fellow workers and don't even get me started on the environmental difference for the AC....:)

  3. All things being equal JB, no problem. However, all is not equal.

  4. The US has a lot of rules about AC as well. Not so here in Mexico, you might want to get it done here.