Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thanks for Lunch, Honey!

"Don't mention it. Thank Norma, her roses were delicious!"

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  1. Oh cr*p!!! Which is worse, this or the audit?

  2. I have a row of fir trees that I put in about 15 years ago, none of them are more than 6 feet tall because the horned ones use them for rubbing off their velvet. Natural pruning. I have some eastern white ceder trees that have been rubbed back to the nub to the point where I may have to pull them out-they look that bad! I tried wire around the trees but I ended up having to spend time finding the twisted up remains of my efforts to protect the trees out in the open fields. The wire would get caught in their horns. Not good for the deer and not good for the brush hog. We have vast fields of crop here so the deer do little eating damage to my plantings but the males and their velvet...