Friday, September 13, 2013

Still In Vancouver

We decided to stay in Vancouver one more day. It was a great retirement party last night With our old friend Barry O'Neill getting roasted and then giving back much more than he got as only Barry can! Mike Harcourt, former mayor of Vancouver and former Premier of BC was there and we had a chance to catch up with and share some old war stories with him. Jinny Sims, former president of the BC Teachers Union and now Canadian Member of Parliament was one of the roasters as well as many other elected Provincial politicians and old union friends.

I did not take any photos but many were taken and I have been promised copies. I will post a couple when I get them. It was a late night and the friend we are bunking in with offered us the room for one more night so we are having a relaxing day while she is at meetings until 5:00. After that we will take her out for a Greek dinner.

Norma and I walked down Denman Street to Robson and then walked a few blocks to make a circle tour of this part of the West End of Vancouver, stopping at an all day breakfast cafe with curbside tables. This is what I love about Vancouver, lots of sights and things going on with unique little restaurants everywhere. The weather is great!

This is not my photo, it is from Google Images:


  1. Glad the party was a success and you guys had fun. Can't wait to see Vancouver.

  2. Glad you and Norma are enjoying life in the big city. Vancouver is a great city for restaurants of all types.

  3. Hmm that shot could almost be one of Colin's but it's not. Good to hear you are enjoying yourselves.

    1. That is what I thought as well but the photo was not credited. Colin's are better. I copied the one you posted a while ago but will not use it without permission.

  4. Vancouver is definitely one of the greatest cities in the world! I've spent many hours loving life there.