Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Am Not Dead

I am still kicking, just taking a break from Blogging. Not much happening around here so as my mother used to say, "If you don't have anything good to say...".

We are over the flu or whatever it was. Still tired much of the time but generally over it. That last bug was not stopped by the flu shot, nor will the next one coming along. The bugs have figured out the formula.

The Big Game is now history. I guess the Seahawks do not need me telling them they blew the last play. As some famous player said, "If you throw the ball, three things can happen and two of them are bad". They should have given the ball to Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch and let him carry it across. But then they know that now. Next year!

Our time here in Desert Hot Springs is winding down. We are booked until Feb 18 and are trying to figure out what to do after that. If the weather continues to improve to the east we will probably head towards Phoenix with a stop at Hope, AZ to meet my old Blogging buddy Bill. After commenting on each other's Blogs for years, I have a chance to meet them!

After Hope we are looking at Eagle View RV Park at Fountain Hills above Phoenix but when I go on their reservation system, they are full for the time we would be there. A fall back would be one of the Cal Am parks in Mesa. At least one of them is Passport America.


  1. Glad you are feeling better and nice to meet Bill , his wife and Doug the Pug (we met them last year for a short visit, super couple.).
    Enjoy your travels a great weather too.

  2. Still room here in Hope and forecast is for a warming trend.

  3. I believe our park is full up until March. Most Cal Am parks will be in a similar position as there seems to be lots of people in the area this year.

  4. Our park seems to have spaces yet. Not fancy but not expensive either. Requires paying for a month, though, as of this year. Email me at Shadowmoss at gmail for more info if you are interested. It's in Mesa.

  5. How about a get together with Rick before you head out? We are back in Caliente....and here till the end of March.

  6. we are in Mesa till 2/25, if you get in the area it would be a hoot to meet up, let us know...