Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We had a great surprise Mothers Day visit from Brooks and LindaLee on Sunday! They arrived unannounced at about noon with a potted plant. We had some snacks and caught up with each other and then had our neighbor Pauline up and ordered Chinese food. It was a great visit and they headed back home Monday.

Brooks got laid off from his Alberta Tar Sands job last week. It had been coming for a while and they did offer him a job as a carpenter again but he was growing very tired of being away all the time and has a list of jobs some of his old fencing customers want done so he has decided to spend the summer back on the Island. I think it is a wise choice, make a little less money but be home. He has been commuting to Alberta for, I think, three years now. LindaLee is very happy about it.

He looked at the mess at the back of the house and we decided to just dig in one post at the corner and use wire farm fence held up by pound in metal posts. Norma will plant trees in the section of the slide that came onto our property. Some tree that sucks up a lot of water. That is a job for another day.


  1. Is there some kind of barrier that will prevent another slide?

  2. They placed some huge boulders at the bottom of the slope but I don't know how effective they will be in preventing a recurrence. They must have had an hydraulics engineering report done with some recommendations in it. I will ask for a copy. Norma is going to plant some trees on our side of the property line so that may help hold the soil down.

    1. I wonder if some type of hedge with a dense root system might not work. The Cheyenne Privet planted about 3 feet to 4 feet apart is such a hedge that gets thick and grows fast in most climates.

    2. Thanks, I will pass this on to Norma..

  3. What a wonderful surprise, good luck with the trees.