Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Canada Election Part II

Some of my commenters on both the Blog and on Facebook might want to watch this little video. Reminder, the Black Cats and the White Cats are actually our Conservatives and Liberals.

Mouseland, narrated by Tommy Douglas, founder of the CCF/NDP.


  1. That is absolutely brilliant!

    From one mouse to another...

  2. Here on the east only coast only red cats gone are the likes of Jack Harris and Peter Stoffer and the blame has to go to Mulcair he acted as if he was right of centre, now after we bleed a bit it is time for a real NDP leader!

    1. The grass always looks greener in that right of centre pasture, doesn't it? It will be interesting to watch how a left leaning party does with a true leftist leader in the form of Jeremy Cobyn and his British Labour Party.

  3. The video could have been written for Mexico, even the 90 years and the rides to the polls. I guess Mexico isn't much different than any other country.