Friday, November 27, 2015

Being Lazy

We have not done much in the last few days. We had neighbors over for a happy hour once and went to our friends Muff and Val's for dinner once but other than that we have just hung around the RV. We did hire a crew to wash the motorhome for $1 per foot and an extra $5 for the roof. They did a good job but with the dust here in Yuma, it did not stay clean long.

The plastic drain plug in the water heater started leaking so I replaced it with a brass one that should last forever.

We are moving to Mesa, AZ tomorrow. This next park, Mesa Village, is where we stayed for a month last year. It is a quiet residential park with a nice pool and hot tub, close to lots of shopping and restaurants.

After that we have no plans except to see where the desert breezes blow us.


  1. I hope the breeze blows South. Crofts Mexico!

  2. Doing nothing and hiring someone to wash the motorhome? Yep, that's pretty lazy. :-)

    I also hope your desert breeze blows further south. Not sure I can stand a repeat of last winter's excitement!

  3. I agree with Rick and Kevin! Time to kick some ass! Head to Baja!

  4. I agree with Peter and Rick - Excellent exchange rate down here and the weather is currently purrrfect. Come on down amigos!

  5. Well you have to go where the wind blows you enjoy the weather wherever you are.
    Maybe just get out and wander about the desert, that what we mostly be doing this year

  6. Hey, being lazy a bit is OK too. As is wandering about with a good exchange rate.

    As to the brass water heater plug, I would think twice about that, even after having replaced a number of the plastic ones. If something is going to fail, for me, I would rather it be the cheap plug that fails rather than the expensive tank.

    1. Mike, are you thinking pressure relief or dissimilar metal electrolysis?