Monday, December 28, 2015

Tornado Vs. RV Park

Garland, Texas

Maybe we will stay put for a while!


  1. Yep a good idea, stay here in the southwest.

  2. A house on wheels never does well in a bad storm, much less a tornado.

  3. RV's may weigh a lot but are nothing to a tornado

  4. Are you still at Mesa Village? Tobey and I are in Scottsdale - about 20 minutes from you. We'd love to meet you for lunch - let us know!

    1. Hi Sue! How long are you going to be around! We are having company from Canada for a couple of days over New Years and then they are off to Mazatlan. My email is croft(dot)randle(at)gmail(dot)com.

  5. What a small world it is. Just happens my neighbour here in the park we are staying at in Tampa normally stays at that Park in Texas over the Christmas period. He stays there during the summer as well, as, his children and grandchildren live nearby. This is the first year in 13 years that he has not gone back there for Christmas. He talked to the owner of the RV Park as he is a long time customer/friend, and the owner stated nobody was hurt. The owner hopes to rebuild as that is their only source of family income.