Friday, April 1, 2016

Hard To Find A Room In Alpine

No room at the Inn! We decided to stop in Alpine, TX to visit our RV'ing friend Mike who made the trek up to Canada to see us last summer. Unfortunately, Mike is not here right now but he suggested a hotel We called and it was full. In fact every place we called was full! It is "Orientation Week" at the local University so the students and parents have every room in town booked. Except one! We found a vacancy at the Sunday House for $89 plus tax. A little steep for us but what the heck, at least I didn't get another speeding ticket today.

There is a neat old time diner near here where we stopped a few years ago. We will head over there for dinner later. 

Winter is coming to the Big Bend country. It rained and hailed last night and we drove through a little rain today. Time to head home.


  1. Like my dad use to say, "any port in a storm," (he was in the navy in WWII).

  2. At least you got a room and ni speeding ticket.
    Travel safe.