Thursday, June 30, 2016

Testing The Panel

Yesterday was a very sunny day here on the "Wet Coast" so I took advantage of the chance to test the new panel combination.

We run a small "bar type" fridge above the drivers seat. It runs on AC, plugged into the inverter. It has been our practice to reserve it for pop, water, juice and beer, nothing perishable. When we boondock for the night we unplug it and then plug it back in in the morning. I have always been a little concerned if I leave it on during the day when we leave the rig parked for a few hours as the old single panel would not quite keep up to it and our batteries were dragged down if we left it more than an hour or so.

Yesterday I unplugged the RV and left the bar fridge running on the inverter for three hours. I could have left it on all day as the battery voltage was exactly the same (fully charged) after running the fridge for three hours as it was before I unplugged the rig. The panels were keeping up! $200 well spent!


  1. Wow that is wonderful, now you got me ramped up to add another panel as well. Thanks for the play by play.

  2. The second panel is making a huge difference George, you will not be sorry.

  3. I want to add two more batteries. I can't get enough of the sun!!! Congrats on your new panel. Nice to have that as well as 110 and a generator as backup.

    1. A project Chris! We will have to come down to Mexico to help! :)