Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bakersfield, CA

Lots to tell you about but we are both exhausted! We are in Bakersfield, CA at the Orange Grove RV Park. We paid for two nights because they are calling for SNOW tomorrow! We drove through torrential downpours today. In fach it was pouring so hard we could hardly read the "Pray For Rain" signs all along Highway 99. Yes, we did 99 for a change of scenery and now I remember why we switched over to I-5. :) More in the morning.
Off to make coffee and watch some TV!


  1. Relax and enjoy the Canucks game..glad you are safe L

    1. Two uneventful days on the road in a row! How much better can it get!

  2. Croft and Norma,things can only get better,warmer,and dryer.Safe travels....

  3. Glad that you finally got back on the road again, soon you be much warmer.