Sunday, December 4, 2016

Nothing Happening Here Folks

Just settling down in the desert. Warm days (not exactly hot but I did catch Norma with the A/C on today) and cool to cold nights. The electric mattress warmer is getting used on low and nights are pleasant.

I noticed a hinge on the door had pulled the rivets out of the door frame and since my rivet gun was broken, we made a trip to Harbor Freight for a new one and that job is now in the jar. I have to drill out the old rivets and put in three new ones.

I also have to mount the new 24" TV in the bedroom. This may require a slight mod to the wall mount to accommodate the wider TV. I picked up a scrap pallet board to use for this if I need it. Norma's curling is over for the weekend so I might be able to get at the TV for a couple of hours.

I still have to find the add-on that turns the new IOTA converter into a four stage smart charger for the batteries. Blair's Station, the local RV supply place. might have one or at least will be able to get one in for me. I also have to replace one of the gas filled props that hold the outside bin doors open. Blairs should have one of those.

Keeping busy and keeping warm. It is turning into a pleasant winter after the excitement of the expensive first few days.


  1. You'll have to spread out those projects since you'll be there for a month.

  2. Blairs should have everything you need, I got some props and other things there nice store

  3. You deserve a bit of quiet relaxation after that trip down the coast! Hope the remainder of the winter is simply fabulous.