Sunday, February 12, 2017


About six last night we heard a terrific BANG outside our rig. Norma thought it was a firecracker and I thought it might be a tire blowing out. Then we wondered if if was a gunshot. Our neighbor came out and said it definitely was a gunshot.

Ten minutes later sirens were heard and about six police cars entered the park and blocked off the row just around the corner from our site. Then a police helicopter started circling the park with it's spotlight on. That made it too noisy to hear what was going on around the corner, if anything.

Curious Norma of course was outside walking around. I told her if the helicopter was looking for someone sneaking around acting suspicious they would lock in on her! She ignored me but eventually came in.

The police stayed a while and then left. That was it, we don't know anything else. Maybe someone who lives closer to the source will fill us in.

Just another night in gun happy America.


  1. Now that sounds like a thrilling night. Sure glad that you guys are ok.

  2. Man, all the fun stuff happens after I move out!

  3. Croft, I believe you indicated in prior posts that you and Norma are in the Mesa area right now. The reason I mention this is because there are large raids going on presently for undocumented aliens (supposedly only the ones with felony records) for return to Mexico. The reports so far have indicated that this is happening presently along the Mexican/US border, in my state of South Carolina, and the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and New York. There is no doubt that during the round up all will not go peacefully. You and Norma be very careful when you two are out and about; I know we are when we head to the mall in North Charleston where ICE vehicles seem to be concentrated.

    1. Yes, we are very aware of what is going on with ICE and are being careful. I don't think this is connected. But having said that, no one seems to know what was going on.

      BTW, we loved our time in South Carolina and walking around Old Charleston is an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. That is one of the places we want to go back to.

  4. I suggest that you head on down here to Mexico where it is safe, peaceful and most of all friendly.

  5. No guns have been seen down here in Puerto Penasco...