Thursday, March 9, 2017

Magic Honda Repairs

Weird. I took the Honda with it's non functioning right turn signal into Zemp Auto here in Mesa.The mechanic checked everything with his meter, took out all the relays and checked them. He talked with his boss and the boss told me all they had found was that it was not a simple repair. All the parts worked properly but the signal was not getting to the right side bulbs. The next step is to get into the wiring and find the problem and that would take some time which they did not have this week. He told me to call on Monday and set up an appointment. While we were talking his mechanic plugged all the parts back in.
I pulled out and a few blocks later I signaled for a right turn and IT WORKED! Now I feel like a jerk. He put maybe 20 minutes into it and did not charge me. Pulling the twenty-eight year old relays in and out must have cleaned the contacts. I probably should stop in and give them $20 for their coffee fund or something.


  1. Amazing how things fix themselves sometimes, have ha that happen to see as well.

  2. That would be nice. Maintenence is not your strong suit from what I gather over the past few months. You should see our house, used to be show room ready at the drop of a dime and now".... Oh god.......

  3. I think that you should also. It will make their day and possibly have them help others in the future. Another idea is to bring in a big box if donuts early in the morning.

  4. Those Hondas just take a licking and keep on ticking! I asked my husband, Beach, what he wanted for his birthday. He is like Norma and likes to work in the yard; his birthday request was a Honda lawn mower, and we purchased the mower today. Consumer Reports gave it great reviews.

  5. Croft, I sent you an e-mail. Hope you can help me out with the Cuban information.

  6. Indeed! Do that and then they'll know what worked! BTW, I FINALLY got your blog address on the blogroll. Something I've been meaning to do for at least a year! Better late then never, ha. You ARE at Babsblog now.

    1. have had very little to say lately. Unlike you, we are just vegetating in the sun!