Saturday, September 9, 2017

Gritting Our Teeth For Irma!

We have friends in Cuba, friends in Florida and friends in South Carolina. All are in the path of Irma and are keeping us on our toes watching the hurricane's progress.

Roly and Christy live near Varadero, Cuba in a single story house. We are concerned for them but Roly is a very resourceful guy and I am sure they will be OK. The hurricane is rght over them as we speak. We have not heard from them since the day before yesterday.

Cherie and Chris (Technomadia Blog) have left their live aboard boat to it's fate in Marathon, FL (on the Keys) and drove a borrowed truck up to north Florida where they picked up their bus and are safely heading west out of Irma's path.

Our deceased friends Paul and Dodi lived in Lakeland, FL where their family and grandchildren still live. We got to know them all during the couple of months we have spent parked at our friends full hookup in their yard. We hope everyone is OK! If any of you are reading this, let us know.

In South Carolina we have our friends Dee and Beach who live just outside Charleston and are planning on riding out whatever is left of the storm by the time it hits them. Their RV is standing by in case they have to find higher ground. Also in Charleston are Sean and Louise (Our Odyssey Blog) who are trapped in Charleston Harbour in their 60 foot trawler "Vector". They are carefully watching Irma's path and will either stay put or head up the Cooper River depending on forecasts.

So, we have a vested interest in this storm and are glued to the TV watching it's progress. It does not look good!

[Image of probabilities of 34-kt winds]


  1. Good luck to all you friends down that way and hope they make it through these stormed unscathed.

  2. There certainly hasn't been much coverage about Cuba. Wonder if we'll hear more later or there is still a boycott attitude. They got hit with Category 5 strength.

    1. Cuba seemed to get left out of the news. It looks like the eye passed 40 miles or so from our friend's house. We have not heard from them but that is expected as they are probably still in it and the power is most likely down.

    2. When we were in Cuba in June, AT&T had signed a contract and was up and running with the Cuban government. The way we found out was we were getting charged for data services while we were over there because Beach forgot to turn off the "data off" button. We were charged a total of $45US before we knew it. Except for recharging your I-phone, do you need electricity to receive services from AT&T? I know nothing about this stuff.

    3. It would depend on their towers. If they have battery or generator backup then you should have sercive