Thursday, February 8, 2018

What's Up?

What have we been up to lately? Not much! The weather has been, to put it scientifically, "shitty". We have been hanging around the house getting a few jobs done between rain storms. The new wall on the workshop cannot be painted until after it had been subjected to at least three days of sunshine and that has not happened. Like so many other things, this job is on hold.

Our friend Garth is retiring and he and Nancy are having a retirement party here on Saturday as we have so much outdoor entertaining area. The weatherman says there will be no rain on Saturday but if he is wrong, we have the covered porch that we intend to surround with a large tarp to keep the wind and rain out. If it doesn't rain we have the outside fireplace to help keep folks warm. It will be fun regardless and Garth and Nancy are heading for Mexico the day after the party. He is very happy to be retiring from Canada Fisheries.

So, there is not much to report but that is it! End of story. We are not having as much fun as we would be having if we had gone to Mexico. Lesson learned.


  1. Cough... or if you had come to Arizona? Beautiful sunny days lately, a bit too warm, if anything.

  2. You are missed around the fire pit. (Yes, I finally broke down and got one).

  3. Croft, I can't help but think that you know you made the right decision this season even though you do sound a little bored. There are so many reasons; the cold fronts keep coming in the southern US and into northern and central Mexico, epidemic of two strains of flu in 48 states and hospitals are packing in the flu victims, and, of course, the political situation where people who have lived and worked in the US for at least 30 years are being rounded up for deportation--ICE seems to be going after the non-threatening "low hanging fruit" instead of the dangerous gang members. I guess ICE does not want to risk their lives and pensions in going after gang members; it's just a numbers game. However, gas is cheap in the US, not so much in Mexico according to Kevin and Ruth. When we were in Cozumel in Dec./Jan., taxis were about the same price as years before; so I guess the taxi drivers are eating the higher prices.

    No doubt, your friend's retirement party will liven things up a bit, and you can think about and plan your trip to beautiful Ireland. If you have some time, search back through Mexico Kid's (Les) archives to find his blogs on Ireland; looks like it was pretty easy to drive around Ireland.

    1. It is cold and wet up here but everyone says it is a mild winter compared to what we have been having.

      The party went well, lots of folks we have never met so it was fun. WAY too much food as usual, probably less than half of it got consumed!

      The DACA situation is just so sad it brings tears to my eyes whenever it is on the news. You are right, the ones who should be deported are the drug cartel members and violent gangs, not the peaceful folks who are just trying to get along. Many of them can't even speak Spanish! Trump is hurting your country so badly it will take years to regain your reputation.

  4. We should be happy (at least in the short term) because of the following event that happened on Feb. 13, and I quote: "A second federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump's decision to cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, dealing another blow to the president's efforts to end protections for nearly 700,000 undocumented young people who came to the US as children."

    This is the second injunction by the courts, but this second injunction was issued by a higher court, a US Federal District Court. This issue may make it all the way to the US Supreme Court mainly because there was a written agreement struck between these DACA kids and the US government, and Trump is attempting to break the agreement. Our three branches (Congress, Executive, and Judicial) of government have equal powers, and it seems as though our Judicial Branch is the only one we can count on at present.