Wednesday, May 8, 2019


With all that has been going on in my life lately I neglected to run the generator in the motorhome to exercise it for two months in a row. This morning I hit the start button and after a few seconds of grinding away, it started! I fired up the air conditioning to give it a good load and after an hour and a half I will turn it off. All is well and if I want to use the motorhome this summer, it is ready to go.


  1. My generator gets run twice a year, when I'm disconnecting to head to the other spot. Neither park wants to have generators running. I figure the morning I'm leaving they won't say anything, and hopefully have forgotten about it when I return.

    1. That's often a problem in parks. Residents could petition to designate one day a month to run generators. They really need to be run. The gas in them can go stale or gooey and lubricant drains from moving parts.

  2. Alway good to give it some exercise.

  3. Great to have that available to get out and ramble around this summer! I would love to have an RV but I would never be able to maintain it. In fact right now I need to get the oil changed in my Jeep.