Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Change Of Plans

Not an unusual thing for me. Medical insurance costs have caused me to substitute destinations for my little vacation . Instead of Oregon's Pinot Noir I will be sampling British Columbia's Pinot Noir!

I am off to BC's Okanagan on Friday morning for a very leisurely voyage of discovery, I must admit to a certain feeling of relief for avoiding contributing my hard earned dollars to Trump's America. The wine here is just as good but the politics oh so much better!

Plus I will have a lot more money to spend on wine and food. I will not be missing out on the crab either as I will be taking a couple of very large fresh frozen ones with me. Add garlic butter to suit.

So aside from missing a possible meeting with my American friends Bill and Dee, this change of plans will turn out for the best.


  1. Actually, I think the Okanagan wines are superior. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Maybe we'll see you this winter. Any travel plans yet?

    1. At $30 per day for travel medical insurance, I am not sure. I have a couple of offers of places to stay in mexico so maybe I will fly there. No firm plans yet.

  3. A change of scenery doesn't have to be a long distance. Enjoy your crab, and
    wine! Crabmeat is one of my favorite foods. NOT found in SMA but sure was when
    I lived on Galveston Bay!
    You realize you can FLY to Mexico and not have to land in Trumpland. Just fly over! Ha.

  4. An equally beautiful trip - just different. Sounds wonderful!

  5. Flying over the Evil Empire is sounding like a better and better idea!

  6. Since over half of the US voted against Trump and for Hillary all I get from you deciding not to come here is you must hate women. At least I'm using the Democrat's playbook... :D