Monday, September 2, 2019

Kelowna, Part Two

We drank a whole bottle of wine between us last night and that is why the TV dish would not line up. OK, lesson learned. I tried again this morning with no luck when Colin offered to help. He had a compass (which I had left at home) and some local knowledge. He took one look and told me I was too close to the hedge. He was right. We moved the dish a couple of feet back, turned on the TV and it was working! Thanks Colin.

We made an attempt to go to one of the local wineries, Grey Monk, but when we arrived at the highway traffic was lined up in both directions as far as the eye could see. We didn't need that so we returned to the rig and are blogging and reading. A nice, quiet day.


  1. Did you forget your camera back on the island?!

  2. Croft, doesn't Canada have a Labor Day holiday on the first Monday of September just as the US does? That may be the reason for the line up of traffic.

    Colin took some good photos of ya'll during happy hour, and it made me happy just seeing ya'll enjoying time together.

    From our prospective (certainly not from the prospective of the people of the Bahamas), there is some positive news regarding Dorian; it looks like he is breaking down while grinding away in one spot over the Bahamas. Beach and I were going to execute our plan once he made his turn north and what Cat. Level he would be. But he is now up-welling cool water from the bottom of the Atlantic which is contributing to the break down and reducing the Cat. Level to a three. Of course, we are not totally free; when he starts moving north and by the time he gets to us, he will probably be just a large tropical storm. Those are a common occurrence around here.

    We are now thinking about all those people in the Bahamas and how we can help.

    1. Yes it is Labour Day here as well. I always celebrated May 1 International Labour Day as well as this one

  3. So nice that your got your dish set up with Colin's help and enjoyed a nice happy hour with them. Have fun there.