Thursday, March 19, 2020

RV Dealers and Coronavirus

I bought my motorhome at Camping World in El Paso, Texas in 2007. About two years later they started pestering me to replace it. I just received a notice saying there is no need for me to visit a showroom and expose myself but I can now pick an RV from any of their locations websites, chat with a salesman, make a deal and THEY WILL DELIVER THE NEW RV TO MY HOME where I can try it out and decide if I want to keep it. If I don't like it, they will pick it up and return it.
They just have to figure out which State British Columbia is in. 😂


  1. This reminds me of a time a company that made vacuum cleaners - VERY expensive vacuum cleaners at that - kept pestering me, having gotten my name, etc. when I was at my neighbor's when they came to her home to demonstrate their top machine. They kept saying I could try the machine for 7 days, and if I didn't like it they would pick it up, with nothing further needed. I finally relented just to shut them up, and over those 7 days I cleaned my house thoroughly with it, then called them to come get it. It really did do a super job, but not their asking price of $3,000.00 worth.

    Maybe you could have them deliver an RV of your choice and take a long weekend in it? Then tell them no... to come get it? : )

    1. It might be fun to play with them but the RV would have to be exported into Canada and then re-imported back to the USA, all at great expense and requiring a couple of modifications. I am sure they would come to their senses as they approached the border and customs inspection. But it would be fun!

  2. Businesses are getting creative to get through these hard times.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.