Friday, July 21, 2023

Still Kickin' AKA "Proof Of Life"

I am doing fine. I am on the waiting list for some fairly major dental surgery and right now that list is about eight months long. putting it into early next year. It is no problem waiting as I have no pain, just a little trouble eating some (most) things.

I'm down in Victoria "helping out" my friend Penny who is undergoing some minor surgery of her own and her doctors did not want her to be at home by herself while she is recovering. She is actually doing as much for me as I am for her right now so everyone is happy!

I will stop in and see Brooks (my son) in Shawnigan Lake on the way home. I have not seen him nearly enough for a while, in fact the last time was on Father's Day when he drove up for a couple of hours visit before he had to get back to work.

Penny and I are going to our 60th Kitsalino High School Reunion (Class of '63) in late September. Finding a "Reasonably priced" hotel near Vancouver is a real challenge but I finally found one on the water in nearby Steveston for a little over $220 per night, about half the current going rate in Vancouver. With the registration, ferry, hotel and meals it will be a thousand dollar (plus) weekend but well worth it considering it will probably be the last one.

Still no serious travel plans and the motorhome is still parked by the house. It needs some work before I would feel easy using it so, there it sits.

Anyway, I thought I should stick my head up out of the foxhole and say "Hi", so... Hi! I hope all are well.


  1. Good to see you are still kickin'. And yep, I am betting you are right, you probably won't make it to another "60th" reunion, but who knows you might get to the 75th.

  2. Better to sell the motorhome while it's still worth something. The longer it sits, the more it deteriorates. You'll never use it again.

  3. I'm for keeping the RV and holding out hope you'll venture out again.

  4. Great to hear from you, over 400/night for a hotel is robbery!

  5. Good luck when the surgery time arrives and enjoy your adventure down to Victoria and the reunion..the RV is your choice I think you know what I would say…take care be safe best wishes les

  6. Glad to hear you are still kicking! This getting older is for the birds but I guess the alternative isn't that special either. It's nice that you can help Penny & good luck with your teeth. Fun stuff!