Friday, April 17, 2009

Denver Dilema

To get home from Dodge City we have to go through Denver, CO. There is no easy way around it without getting into worse weather. Right now it is snowing in Denver with a couple of feet expected by tomorrow morning. Denver is about 600 KM away, a full day's drive. The Denver weather is supposed to improve by noon tomorrow and then warm up rapidly after that. All this means we should stay put here in Dodge City and leave early tomorrow (Saturday) morning to hit Denver late in the day when the roads have been cleared and it is warming up. It is raining in Dodge with no sign of it ending so it is going to be a wet drive.

After Denver is Salt Lake City which is also known to have snow in April. My friend Les is in SLC now and is having fun in the snow. SLC is next, after Denver. Traveling is a very scientific process.

I wish I was doing what Steve Cotton is doing right now and driving to Mexico. He is retired and moving lock, stock and barrel from Oregon to Mexico. Not a bad life! Better than trying to find a way through Denver in the snow.

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