Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eye Candy


Norma’s garden has been doing unbelievably well this summer. I think she finally got the deer situation under control by ringing the flower gardens with bars of soap and moth balls. This is the latest artillery she has used in her war and it seems to be having the desired effect. Failed solutions have included preserved animal blood at $60 a bottle – if she had told me how much that cost I would have cut my own throat to save the money! She also tried chicken wire and piling lawn furniture around the beds to no avail. Next came a BB gun used on their butts only. Her most inventive effort was having me pee all around the flower beds. This display provided great entertainment for the ladies in the condo next door who went running for their cameras and binoculars. I appreciated the attention but cannot imagine why binoculars would be necessarysmile_omg.

ON EDIT: I spoke too soon! The night after I took this photo this, and other, flowers became a midnight snack for some deer who had overcome their dislike of soap and mothball odor.


  1. Oh shit! That's funny! I can just imagine it; drinking lots of beer so you can protect the garden. Good job!

    Lovely post; not to mention the title. We have a male friend who keeps sending emails with "Eye Candy" that have a very different subject; I think I like this one better. Must be getting old!

  2. TOO funny! You and Norma are a real riot!

  3. OhmyGosh - this made me laugh out loud. Great post!