Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now What Was Wrong With That?

Soapbox Warning!

I just watched President Obama give his pep talk to school children. It was very inspirational and educational and I am sure every child who watched it benefited from it. This is the presentation that Republicans were setting their hair on fire over and demanding they be allowed to keep their kids home to avoid being exposed to: "Be sure to wash your hands", "Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. I do it every day", "Stick up for kids who are bullied", "Every one of you is good at something", "Show up for school and work hard." Are these not Republican values as well? My God, this is going to turn them into little Communists? It is no wonder the American "Crazy Right" is loosing their credibility internationally.

I don't think I have ever seen things so polarized in the USA. And for what? A recent poll showed a huge percentage of Americans say they prefer the "Health Care" they have now over a socialized system. Well, maybe you haven't noticed folks but you don't have a health care "system" now! Your present "system" is a user pay system for which too many users can't afford to pay! We have seen too many older folks working as greeters at WalMarts just to be able to afford to pay the premiums on their health insurance.

The airwaves are flooded with doom and gloom stories about countries that do have socialized health care, including Canada. I don't know where they dig up these folks who are reporting horror stories about our Canadian system but we have used it for decades now and have never once had a problem. We choose our own doctors and all decisions are made between us and our doctor. We have had all our grandparents, parents and one sibling pass on and not one of them was subjected to a "Death Panel". They simply do not exist except in the warped minds of Sarah Palin and those who share her IQ.

There are two things that we all deserve and should expect from our governments: Education and Health Care (including care for the elderly). This is more important than fighting wars.

Anyway, I was encouraged to hear the President address the school children. This is the type of thing that was lacking in the USA for eight years. There are no losers here, only winners.


  1. I applaud your comments (Pres. speech) and agree totally. Where's the controversy? We could learn a lot from our compadres up north (re health care). Thanks!

  2. Love hearing about your actual experience with Canada's health care system. Ours is paying $700 a month for insurance! Not possible for lots of people but you need it. My SIL has cancer and one of the pills she takes (1 every 3 weeks) is $4000!!!

  3. $4000 a year or $4000 per pill??? Either way unbelievable.

    Our basic health care is free and we pay around $40 a month for Extended Medical. All drugs are subject to a $300 deductible per person per year, after which they are free.

    If Canada can do it, the USA can as well.

  4. Well said, being Canadian I'm quite proud of the way we handle health care. IN Alberta, we don't even pay premiums anymore (although this could change). But the care is the same, you will wait no matter where you live due to shortages in beds and doctors. Only difference is that everyone is treated equal across the board here.
    I also thought the President's Speech was well said.
    I suppose there are always going to be people that believe that he is interfering in their "parenting" but if they were such good parents, why do they not agree with his core values?