Sunday, September 18, 2011

Home Work Day

The summer is coming to an end so it was time to cross one more job off the list. The main bathroom had an old Corian counter top with the sink molded right into it. I have no idea how old it is but it is at least twenty-five years. It was in good shape except for the sink itself which had some tiny cracks and unsightly staining in the bottom of the bowl.

We went out and bought one of those newfangled counter top sinks and a new faucet set to go with it. I got my reciprocating saw out, put a new blade on it and started cutting out the old sink. It was tough going because the Corian was almost an inch thick in places but after a ton of (probably carcinogenic) dust which I tried to keep out of my lungs with a mask, I managed to cut around the outside and removed the old sink part of the counter top. The new one fit nicely over the hole and after a few hours of fitting the new tap and drain stem and modifying the house drain to fit, it was done! The drain leaked a little upon testing but after tightening everything up, the leak stopped. Norma does not really like the way the new white sink goes with the old counter top but I think it is perfect!

The front panel under the sink is still off because I am building a drawer to take advantage of the space we gained by using the counter top style sink. It will get finished tomorrow. Life is Good!


  1. Looks sharp! I think maybe Norma wants a new countertop?

  2. The wheels are turning. A new granite counter top will be about $350. Maybe next year.

  3. I'm with Norma, it is a perfect sink but needs to be surrounded by granite.

  4. Yup, granite would add a really nice touch. Hey it's only $$$.