Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spending Money Like There Is No Tomorrow!

We went down to renew our auto insurance on the motorhome, car dolly and Mazda for a year. That was over two thousand unhappily forked over. We then bought travel medical insurance for six months for another $1900. When we got home I called Lupita, our Mexican auto insurance agent in Nogales, AZ. I gave her my Visa card number for another $700 or so to insure the motorhome, dolly and Mazda for six months in Mexico. It was a rough day financially! The faithful but aging Honda will remain parked in a corner of the lot for the winter and may get replaced next year.

The only thing that took the edge off all this spending is the fact that we get a refund of our Canadian auto insurance for the time we will be in Mexico. That means we will get half of our annual premium back! Good times!

The market did "OK" for me last week despite the fluctuations and I netted a $2500 profit, mostly on my gold stocks. Things could be worse. If the upward movement continues, it will pay for our winter in Mexico, which is as it should be. Otherwise I will be eating tortillas instead of Pescado a la Veracruzana.

The Master Plan is to pull out of here on Tuesday. We will spend Tuesday night in the Black Ball Ferry lineup in downtown Victoria and will meet Brooks and Linda and Linda's parents for dinner out.

I will be watching Canadian football tonight. Our BC Lions are on a winning streak so I have to cheer them along.

Wow! BC beats Montreal 43 to 1. That is it for the regular season, playoffs next!


  1. Croft do not worry i have set aside 100 pesos to lend you and Norma when i see you again!!! Safe travels, watch out for low bridges and don't buy any Tequila before you get to the ferry terminal in Victoria,,,have a great trip and will let you know about La Sieats when I get to SMA be safe!!!! Les

  2. Les beat me to it. I will still chip in a few pesos too!

    The time is finally here. Hurrah! I hope we meet up on the road.

  3. money was made round to go around my mom always said...nice to know you'll get back 1/2 your canadian safe...

  4. All right, you have a departure date! I'd rather focus on that. ;)

    I take it you will be spending Wednesday night at the most awesome Walmart in North America, correct?

    (mexicokid, I LOLed at "watch out for low bridges"--Croft, try to keep the roof on this year why don't you! ;) )

  5. Yeah. You are off for the sunny climes. Only eight weeks before we follow in your mist.

    Wishing you a good drive down to Mexico.

  6. What's the fuss Croft? Haven't you got money you haven't spent yet?

    Go Lions! At least they can't play Boston in the playoffs....

  7. Yes Rae, we will be in that very RV friendly Walmart Wednesday night! It has been our first night's stopover for the last ten years!

  8. Safe travels my friends, I hope to see you down here this year.