Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chatbox Change

The provider of my old Shoutbox decided to cease offering the free version of his product. I am testing a new one. Type your message in the lower box and hit "enter". The old one attracted tons of spam, let's see if this one is any better..

Try it and let me know if you like it or not.

I did not like the way it made users sign in using Face Book and prompting users to give up their contacts. Lets give this Cbox a try, although I suspect it may be a spam magnet like the original one.

I got one spam message last night and this box does not allow me to delete individual messages, The old Shoutbox had me deleting 5 - 10 spam messages every day.


  1. Can you explain why you would have comments here as well as the Chatbox? Why both?

  2. I think if people just have a quick comment that is off topic, they feel more comfortable with the chat box. It does get quite a bit of use and as long as the spam content stays low, it is interesting to read.

  3. Maybe this would work?

  4. Thanks Don, it looks good so far. Lets see what the spammers do to it.