Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Motorhome Repaired!

We took the motorhome in yesterday to have three things fixed:

1) The brake lights that did not work and the associated problem of the dolly brakes not working.
2) The annoying "Check Engine" light.
3) The daylight running lights came on when the ignition was on "Accessory". This made listening to the radio when parked impossible.

Yesterday was the last day we could drive the motorhome as the insurance expired at midnight last night. We picked the rig up last night after the shop was closed and I went down this morning to pay the bill. I was pleasantly surprised.

The brake light problem turned out to be a blown fuse (although I checked the only two fuses with the word "Brake" on them and they were good...

The "Check Engine" light indicated another low fuel pressure condition which they reset. He says it is probably the result of driving up steep hills while overweight and towing the car. It just cannot suck fuel fast enough. Resetting will solve the problem until next time.

The accessory switch problem was a result of the same garage making an error when they installed the daylight running switch when we imported the motorhome. It was a simple fix for them.

The bill was $90. I expected more as some garages charge $100 just to scan the engine computer. We have always had very good, reasonably priced service from Mel Penner Automotive her in Campbell River. Thanks again guys.

The only other thing I have to have done is something with the suspension. We run overloaded all the time and reducing the weight is simply not an option. There is very little room for "stuff" after subtracting the weight of the unloaded rig from the maximum allowed weight. Adding a leaf to the springs will cost me $500 and adding air bags, $600. I do not know which route to go.


  1. I have added springs and had air-bags. I have bags on my f350 and love them.

  2. Add the airbags. You can do it yourself. Available from Amazon for about $275.

  3. I installed air bags on the rear, but it was because the leaf springs were weak. Running overloaded isn't an option for us because if you upgrade one component of the suspension, the rest remains weak. But I'm sure you know all of that. There are lots of RV's on the road running overweight, and many many more that have never been weighed so it's probably not an issue. Probably.

    Having said that, I am very happy with the air bags I installed. I have the remote switch so that you can raise or lower either side. Much more flexible than just adding a leaf.

  4. You should have worn a skirt! When I had the exactly same problems with my rig, the scan was free and the fuse was $10. ;)

    Aren't you worried about being so overloaded?

  5. The added spring idea has one drawback in that the rig will ride like an old time covered wagon. Iron is very unforgiving, the airbags will give a softer ride.

  6. We vote airbags. Don't we all overload while on the road, just can't be helped.