Monday, May 28, 2012

We Danced, We Drank..

But mainly we talked! The party was a huge success. The weather cooperated and the outside fireplace was burning to keep the chill off when the sun went down. Many old friends showed up, mostly old telephone workers we worked with over our years here in Campbell River. Even Wes Stevens, my boss when I was here for a stint in 1968 - 70 showed up. He lives just down the road from us but we rarely see each other. He is the one, if you remember, who feeds the eagles off his patio on the ocean and was featured on the Blog last year (or maybe the year before).

Brooks and Linda drove up, bringing Linda's mom, Janice and Jayde, our oldest granddaughter. It was a ton of fun and after cleaning up on Sunday we had the house back to ourselves and had a very relaxing day!

Our friend John, who can work wonders with a microwave radio system, has a little trouble with cameras. It was him who took these shots. In fact, he took 287 shots. These are some of the very few which were kind of in focus..

Croft, Brooks, Jayde and Janice

 Croft, Justin, Janice, Norma, Jason and Ricki. Is Jason eyeing my Single Malt?

Croft dancing with Norma, Ricki, Linda and Jayde. Lucky me!

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