Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not Much Happening

We had a nice day yesterday so I washed and waxed the back of the motorhome. I have newfound respect for the Mexicans we hire to wax the thing. The guy in Chetumal worked steadily from 7 AM until 3 or 4 PM to wash and hand wax the entire rig in one day. He then went to his regular job after that.

It is very tiring work, using muscles you do not normally use. I have one of those Simonize buffers that takes some of the work away but you still need a rag (old towel) to polish near obstructions. I decided beforehand to do just one side a day but I may even downgrade from that.  I have all summer! I am using Mexican liquid wax that may be a little harder to remove once it hazes over. I may try a different brand for the next side.

Other than that not much going on. Norma is busy on all good days (and some not so good ones) in her garden. She had me build a bunch of trellis for her plants to climb. I had some imperfect cedar fencing boards that we salvaged from Brooks and Linda's "burn pile" that I ripped to make them so my materiel costs were nil except for a bit of glue and some nails. Their "burn pile" could keep me going with projects all year.

Well, time to look for a NASCAR race on TV. Life is Good!


  1. Good job! Nice to have the tools and the know how! Bet the weather there is good. Here today, 41C

  2. Colin suggets you use a product you get at Canadian Tire in the wax section but it is not exactly a wax but does a great job. It is in an orange plastic bottle.

    Lucky Norma to have such a handy man around. I do hope she is improving slowly.

  3. I love to use Meguiar's Liquid wax easy to apply and easy to buff, does a great job!
    Nice you can putter around with the burn pile too.