Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Up On The Roof

Norma has been noticing that some of the Starchoice channels we used to get are not coming in on the bedroom TV since we got home. We have two dishes on the roof because each has only four outputs and we have four TV's in the house, two of which are PVR's and require two cables each. I had a spare dish and put it up rather than buy an expensive switch to provide the extra outputs. Anyway, one of the dishes must have blown slightly out of line during one of the winter storms.

Today I hauled a TV, receiver, table, cables and tools up onto the flat roof of the TV room and re-aligned the dishes. The bigger dish (the one I installed myself) gave a reading of about 42 which was a little low. I loosened the bolts and gave it a little tweak to give me a reading of 90. This is about as good as it gets and not worth fighting with it for the extra four or five I might be able to squeeze out of it. The other dish seemed to be good and after seeing the condition the mount was in, I decided to leave well enough alone. There was a ton of rust on the mounting bracket and hardware. I will have to buy a can of rust paint and go up with my wire brush one day to do some maintenance on it. In the meantime I am getting a signal of 81 out of it and considering it is the smaller dish, I am happy.

Another day's work done! This photo BTW, shows our Eagle Tree in the background which sadly is still unoccupied.

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