Friday, January 4, 2013


On Wednesday night Juan and Chris were over to our RV for perogies, something neither of them have ever tasted. The night turned into a long discussion of politics and education systems. A perfect evening from my point of view. When they left Chris suddenly felt severe muscle pain in his side and stomach area. The pain continued all night and he could not sleep. Early in the morning, Juan went to get Barb, a retired nurse who looked at him and promptly sent him to a local doctor. The doctor could find nothing wrong internally, gave him some pain medication and sent him home. He thought he must have pulled a muscle either at the gym or during the solar panel job. The pills allowed him to sleep which he did all day and he felt better that night.

Well, last night Norma experienced the same symptoms, only in her side, shoulder and chest. I gave her aspirin and watched her all night when, like Chris, she got no sleep. She took extra strength aspirin and finally got some sleep today. She is now better but not 100%.

Today a new RVer pulled in and when we were describing the symptoms, he told us that someone in Melaque (his last stop) had the exact same problem, severe side pain for no apparent reason.

Maybe a virus? Who knows!


Today we let Norma sleep and Chris, Juan and I drove to the neighboring Pueblo Magico of Mazamitla. We had a very short list of things to do, one of which was for me to get cash. I had been unable to get my ATM card accepted in the only ATM here in Valle de Juarez and was a little nervous. Our first stop at a Santander Bank did not help my nervousness. It refused both my ATM cards as well as Juan's Mexican ATM card. Down the street was a Bancomer ATM which did give me 5000 pesos on one card but refused the other. This one also accepted Juan's card.  5000 pesos is not that much when we are driving and going through about 1500 pesos worth of gas a day so I will have to stock up a little before we leave here.

Oh yes, we are staying a few extra days for Norma to recover. It is great here at Hacienda Contreras and we have made lots of friends. Life is Good.


  1. All the best to Norma, Croft. Guess that's why my card didn't work there either. One of the two here in Patzcuaro worked - always a hit or miss - that's why we try to stay way ahead.

    I was wondering what you were still doing there!

  2. Hope Norma getts fullt recovered soon, its no fun being sick. Good luck!

  3. Hoping for a quick recovery for Norma....and that you can avoid whatever bug is ailing folks around there.

  4. Hi Croft:
    We have not been able to get money with our interact cards at the Banamex banks or machines. This year it says it is verifying the chip and then rejects it. We have been successful with the HSBC machine. Other Canadians are having the same problem.

  5. Never had a problem at the Santander in Mazamitla. Works every time for us. But we do try to stick with HSBC when we can.

  6. It was a great dinner. We had a blast. Waiting to here the results of our party last night. We have to leave tomorrow, this is too much for me!