Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lakeland, FL

We headed out from Cedar Key at about 9:30 AM. It was sprinkling rain on and off and we were in no hurry. We had told Paul and Dodi we would be there in the afternoon and it was only a three hour drive. We stopped for propane, gas and breakfast and when we made our last stop, we stepped out of the cab into 80 F weather! This is what we came to Florida for! It was clear and warm!

We arrived in Lakeland at about 3:00. No one was home but we knew where we were parking so we started setting up. Paul soon arrived after picking his grandchildren up from school. We delayed setting up the StarChoice in favor of Happy Hour which turned into ordering Chinese food. It was great catching up with our friends and lots of stories were exchanged. We went in and talked to Brooks on the phone and then to Dave and Doris who are looking after the house for us. All is well!

I woke up this morning to a pitter patter on the roof! I thought it was birds but soon had to admit it was rain. We got up, had a coffee with Paul and then I headed out to set up the dish. The rain had stopped which was good because it took longer than usual to find a signal. I moved the dish just in case a tree was interfering and that was the trick. We had a good signal in a few minutes. We will take it easy for today and maybe tomorrow when more rain is forecast. Weather wise, the weekend is looking good!


  1. At least its warmer and no snow, have too much fun.

  2. You'r not talking about the temperature that you are getting in central Florida Croft. We always like to know and compare Rincon de Guyabitos with Florida.