Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cocoa Beach

We took a drive over to Cocoa beach for lunch and a chance to dip our toes in the Atlantic. It rained a little on the way but it was nice and warm when we got there. A little humid perhaps but definitely short pants weather.

Cocoa Beach is situated next to Cape Canaveral and The Kennedy Space Center  It was the playground of the original astronauts "The Mercury Seven" and the causeway to the beach is still a great viewing area to watch night launches. Cocoa Beach was also the imaginary home of  Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman in their sitcom, "I Dream of Jeannie".

Paul recommended Bernard's Restaurant which was the hangout of early astronauts Alan ShepardGus GrissomJohn GlennScott CarpenterWally SchirraGordon Cooper, and Deke Slayton and their friends. The walls were covered with old photos of the early spacecraft and astronauts. It was a fun place to be in it's day, specially when one or two of the local heroes were in attendance. However, when we got there we found it is closed. It change hands and with Bernard no longer there the place went downhill, service suffered and it eventually closed.

We found another place, Jazzy's Mainely Lobster and ate at an outside table. I had the lobster roll with clam chowder while Norma had fish and chips. It was on the expensive side and less than remarkable and the portion size was less than we have become used to in the US. But then, we are at the beach and must pay the price. Not complaining.

From there we drove through town and then down to the beach. It was fairly crowded so we had to park a couple of blocks away at a free spot on the street. There was a makeup volleyball game going on and a bunch of families playing in the surf. I did not have my bathing suit so I was happy to just wade in up to my knees. The water was warm enough for swimming if I had been able to do so.

It was a fun day and we got home in time for happy hour with Paul. Unfortunately, Dodi is suffering from a bad back and is awaiting an operation on it. In the meantime, she is spending most of her time in bed. It is a problem that has followed her for years so hopefully her upcoming surgery will be the end of it.


  1. There is a great little brewery there in Cocoa Beach. We were there once at the time of a rocket launch from Canaveral. We all left our beers at the beer as the brewery closed briefly, walked over together to the beach and watched the launch, then all walked back to reopen the bar and finish our beers. We can foresee settling someday somewhere in the stretch from Cape Canaveral to Vero Beach.

  2. Sounds like having some nice weather and enjoying the ocean.

  3. Nice selection of photos Croft! Thanks.