Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Now that that little scare is over with it is time to carry on with life. I booked a short trip to Kitchener, Ontario to visit my sister in August. I used some of the Aeroplan points Norma has accumulated to pay for it. It is the first time I have used these points and they do not make it easy. I wanted to go in July but the only flights I could book restricted me to only five days and that is too short. The one I ended up with leaves August 17 for eleven days.

My big sister just turned 87 so it is time I made the trip. I have not seen her since June of 2011. She married and moved east shortly after I was born so we have never lived close to each other although we have always been "close". It will be great to see her.


  1. Thats good news the scare is over with.
    If you have time maybe we can meet up with you when in Kitchener, we should be in that area around that time for a few days.

  2. Going to visit your Sister sounds like a great plan! Glad to hear you are feeling better now.