Saturday, March 28, 2015

Internet Woes

I called Virgin Broadband last night looking for some answers concerning the slow service that just started here. I didn't get much satisfaction but the guy started a fresh month for me as I had money in my account but still had 12 days to go on the old plan. I was way over the soft limit of 3 GB. It didn't help but he reset something and I was back to goog service!

I thanked him and asked him if he could add three days to get to the end of April when we leave the country. He said he would ask management so we left it at that.

Well, an hour later we were back at incredibly slow service but I see on my account that they added two more MONTHS to my account! No more GB, just more time.

I can see the list of mail in my gmail account but it will not load individual messages. My tablet seems to be working but we will see if this posts...

1 comment:

  1. I left Virgin this winter for better - albeit more expensive - G-4 Verizon service. Service is very fast.