Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mesa Village, Mesa, Arizona

We left our new friends Bill and Dee and drove the two hours to Mesa, AZ. It was a non eventful drive but as we neared Phoenix I was reminded why I did not like driving on the Interstates around here. The lanes narrowed and increased to six in each direction. Everyone wanted to drive ten or twenty MPH faster than me and the Lane Control on the Garmin kept me busy changing lanes in preparation for the next merge or exit. The traffic was heavy.

We eventually found our way to the Mesa Village RV Park and checked in. It is a nice clean park with a heated pool and hot tub. The price was right at $450 per month and that includes electricity. A real deal. We have not had a chance to explore the park yet.

As I started to set up the dish for the TV the Blog reader who sent me details on the park showed up for a visit. We chatted for a while and then I left her and Norma while I finished tuning in the dish. By now it was HOT so we escaped into the air conditioned motorhome.

This morning I went down to Camping World to buy the two power connectors I needed to repair the damage from the last park. The total cost was just under $35 so I will send the receipts the the RV park and take them up on their offer to pay for the repairs. It was so nice of them to offer and I am glad the damage was not worse. Ramblin' Roads is a great park and we will be back.

I am working on my 'to-do' list for the month we will be here. I am going to check out the Spring Training schedule for the Seattle Mariners and maybe take in a game. Oh yes, and repair the two electrical cords. I think I can handle this.


  1. Glad you made it and like it so far!

    There's quite a lot to see in that area. 41 miles south is the Casa Grande ruins that would definitely be worth seeing. You could also do a day trip north to Sedona and stop in on the way at the Montezuma National Monument, too. (I have write ups on my blog of both sites).

  2. We have one word for Phoenix: bypass

    1. I don't know what you're after in a City Bill, but from Gold Canyon we can drive into the wilderness, go to a play or show, go to a Hockey Baseball Basketball or Football game, hike, shop, lounge by the pool or do absolutely nothing. It's just about perfect here we think.

    2. We just don't like towing a fifth wheel through big cities, not unlike what Croft described. Going to and from Hope we take the bypass. We always search out community theaters and events when we stay in an area. Just can do without the big city traffic.

  3. Have yourself some good times there.Big cities are not for us too , but a new adventure is always fun.

  4. I'm glad everything worked out and there were no injuries or major damage to the motorhome. Had this happened in Mexico you would have lit up the forums on about Mexico's supposedly bad power grid and system. Enjoy Mesa.

  5. Enjoy Mesa. We spent one winter there and if we HAD to stay in the States that's where we'd be. Lots of road to travel up around the basin and plenty to see and do. Thanks for the heads up on the no occupancy levels in the parks, I passed the info to friends who are coming that way.