Monday, April 10, 2017

Off To Ely, NV

Up and at it early as the RV park at The Prospector Casino fills up early and there are only six pull throughs. A long drive (for us) of about five hours today!

The last time we were at The Prospector in Ely, Norma won $400 and I got two free margaritas! I hope history repeats itself!


  1. Arrived safe and sound! Norma lost $20 and I lost $10. On the positive side, the RV park is only $22.50

    1. At least you two didn't lose all of the $400 that Norma won last time. Fingers crossed that you get another two free margaritas!

    2. P.S. How is the tv and appliance shopping going? Get them while you can (hopefully on sale) as the talk at the White House is the nasty word "tariffs" to get such future products into US.

    3. I got my 2 margaritas. One each but Norma doesn't like them. Fine with me. We will go back for dinner and give the slots another chance to pay us.

      We are holding off on the appliances until we get to sales tax free Oregon. Hopefully Frump will be busy bombing people to worry about tariffs.