Monday, July 3, 2017

The Reveal!

Two full ten hour days for Brooks and CJ and we are almost done, We are short two posts and the facia boards. Unfortunately all building supply stores except Home Depot were closed for the Canada Day weekend and they did not have a few things.

CJ connects the lighting. Norma and Brooks' very late night Internet purchase a couple of weeks ago. The Budget Director had no say in that one. 

Two posts and facia missing. The stairs will eventually be covered with cedar as well.

Juneau the Husky likes it! A great place to eat dinner!


  1. Are you ready for your photo shoot for House Beautiful and Great Canadian Homes? It looks fabulous.

    1. We will have to get Colin to swing by for a photo shoot! It is that quality, the guys did a fantastic job.

      More examples of Brooks' work can be found here:

  2. I've not noticed that the Budget Director has much input to Norma's decisions on anything else, either. :)