Sunday, July 8, 2018

Tim Hortons

Yesterday I walked the 3.4 KM return trip on the seawalk to Tim Hortons with no (very little) trouble. Made it there easy, sat and had a coffee and muffin, and headed back. I passed a bench and sat for a minute enjoying the view, continued on and about 200 feet from my house experienced the beginnings of a leg cramp. Hmmm, what's that all about?


  1. Leg cramps...probably didn't drink enough water. Carry water with electrolyte and take a turmeric pill. I don't get leg cramps anymore since I've started drinking more water and I add turmeric pills to the rest of my daily pills I take. Recently, I've also added coconut water.

  2. Nice that you got out and about but think more water would help with the leg cramps.

  3. Not enough delights form Timmies I suppose...