Friday, September 28, 2018

"New" Laptop

You may recall my five year old Toshiba laptop took a tumble off the overhead bunk in the motorhome a few weeks ago. Well, it finally ground to a halt and would no longer start up. I considered taking it in for repairs but I have done that before and it has always been more expensive than I expected and something else has usually gone bad soon after.

Sooo... I was browsing the web this morning and found a reconditioned Dell laptop with Windows 10 at for only $169 with free shipping and thought I would give it a try. I am not a "gamer" and only use it for surfing, email and finances so blazing speed is not a requirement. I still have my little Lenovo for the bedroom but I wanted something larger for my recliner downstairs and for use as a main computer in the motorhome. This should do it!

Image result for e5430 dell


  1. I had a few hp's I was happy with, then on the recommendation of a friend I bought a Toshiba. Three days after the 2 year warranty expired, so did the Toshiba. Two years ago I bought a Dell because my hp is now 10. The Dell gets occasional use,but the current hp is used more. Since we got Samsung tablets though, there are days and days when it is dormant. Dell is probably a good choice though, and Windows 10 isn't updating every day.

  2. Still using my 2007 Toshiba for the far so good!

    1. Mine took quite a tumble and I had hopes it survived because it continued working for a few days but would not shut down or (eventually) start up.

  3. There is s time when it is better to replace than repair, good luck.