Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Replacing Inverter Part Two

I gathered my tools, took the dinette seat out and tackled the replacement. I pulled the fuse to avoid sparks and removed the old inverter. Easy job. I took it into the workshop and hooked it up to a car battery I keep charged in there, plugged in a load and it did not work. Suspicions confirmed.

I then unpacked the new unit and connected it to the battery in the workshop. I connected a load, turned it on and away it went, delivering 40 watts to my RV dehumidifier.

I had to solder different terminals to the two #4 AWG cables from the battery and that was no easy job, having to lean way over the edge of the dinette. Anyway, I got it done, connected everything together, installed the remote switch, turned it on and tested everything. The TV's and receivers switched on and stayed on. I forgot to test the fridge on the inverter but I will do that soon as I have no reason to believe it will not work.

I extracted myself and my tools from the cramped work space, checked for bruised ribs (found two) and put everything away.

Done! Total time spent? About three hours. I guess I am slowing down.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

Add the remote beside the entry:


 I went out, turned on the front TV and receiver and the load was 40 watts. Added the rear TV and receiver and the load increased to 70 watts. I took a deep breath and plugged the fridge in. It clicked on and the load went up to 170 watts and held there. I did not notice any initial surge as the fridge started so it must have happened pretty quickly.

My one complaint is the noise. The unit has two fans and they seem to run all the time there is a load. The old unit had fans but they hardly ever turned on. If I did hear them I knew there was a high load. This one is noisy to the point of bothersome. I might try to find some sound deadening board and enclose the inside of the compartment with it. There are two vents in the walls for air circulation that I cannot block off. One is visible in the photo of the remote switch.


  1. You might check the Reset (Breaker). If it doesn't work just try a bypass. If the Inverter works replace the Reset and keep it for a backup.
    We have one that is Eleven Years old and have used it every day since going Fulltime.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There is no reset switch or breaker(s). Over or under voltage situations result in an internal shutdown which restores to normal when you hook things back up again. I will find the manual online and read it.

  2. Nice install on that inverter, I might just get that one while on sale. ours has been quitting a few times last winter, and have to reset is it often and wait for it to come back on. Still works though a good back up. i like the idea of 2 fans It is installed in a lower compartment near the batteries so the noise should not be and issue.

  3. Nice job. You are fortunate you have the experience to do that.

    1. Hay, it's just electricity. What could possibly go wrong?

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