Thursday, March 28, 2019

Norma Randle

JULY 27, 1942 – MARCH 24, 2019
Obituary of Norma Randle

Friend, Lover, Wife, Mother, Colleague, Socialist, Feminist, Unstoppable Political Dynamo, Union Organizer, Fierce Defender Of Lost Causes.


  1. Thank you Croft and family for sharing such a deeply personal, difficult time in your lives. We can all only imagine the grief and loss you are feeling. To take time to update and advise us in the "blog" world is a huge undertaking, especially when you are so filled with your own pain. Your love for Norma has always come through in your stories and photos. These next weeks, months will be difficult ones to step through. Grief is a road traveled alone and at your own pace, for each and every one of you. No one can hurry you nor tell you there is some specific timetable as to how it should go. I can only extend my hand to you and yours and a silent salute to your Norma. What a wonderful life together you had. That is her legacy. Thank you for all your stories. They say so much.

  2. Nancy is very correct in describing the Roller Coaster Ride of Grief. It will not be uncommon to feel like the odd person in the room as you no longer have your partner with you. Many will avoid talking to you because they just don't know what to say. You might even feel guilty about laughing about something without Norma by your side. It is all part of the Grieving. There is no Timetable and even after getting back to the living yourself there will be memories that will bring out laughter or tears. Being left behind is not as easy as it sounds because there will be many hidden challenges but you will make it.

    It's about time.

  3. So sad to hear this news... stay strong Croft!

  4. So sorry to hear this Croft. Betty and I send our thoughts and condolences in this time. She was such a great woman.