Thursday, July 4, 2019

Norma's Clothes Are Gone!

It has been just over three months since Norma passed and her friend Kelly has been busy sorting through her closets, drawers and storage bins. She ended up with two piles, one pile of ten large garbage bags of Norma's everyday clothes that we sold for $50 on Facebook in a "no sorting, take it all or nothing" sale and another pile of twenty-two large garbage bags of her higher end clothing and one huge cardboard box full of shoes. Much of the clothing and many of the shoes still had price tags on them.

Norma had mentioned how much she liked the fact that the Women's Transition Society provided nice clothing for women leaving shelters and re-entering the workforce so she did my work for me in determining a worthy recipient for her clothes. Those of you who knew Norma know she had excellent (and expensive) taste in clothes.

The Transition House has a driver and he came over today with his trailer and we carried everything out. His trailer was almost full when he pulled out. I should have taken a photo but I did not.

I am now moving my stuff out of my drawers and into the bedroom closet. Her other two closets will find a new use, yet to be determined.

Thank you for all the help sorting and dealing with her clothes Kelly. I literally could not have done it without you. I am feeling sad and relieved at the same time but the job is done. Maybe one of the hardest jobs.


  1. That is not an easy job, glad you had some help and this was taken care of.

  2. A job that everyone dreads after loosing their spouses. Not so much the work but the memories many of the articles bring back.
    You are far from finished with the Grieving so don't beat yourself up.

    It's about time.

  3. What a kind and generous gift to the transition house...I'm sure Norma is smiling at you. Tough job.

  4. Bless Kelly for being there for you and Norma. I remember well going through my husband's clothes. Besides a regular job, he had modeled for the brand Yves St. Laurent and had all these fancy clothes they gave him that he never wore. I too gave them to a center that would distribute them to whoever was in need. It was a very emotional thing to do. One step at a time my friend........thinking of you and hope, when it is time, you will head back to Mexico. It is a tranquil place to heal.

  5. Hugs Croft , such a heart wrenching task for you, glad you donated her clothing to such a good cause.